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Because of this, many co-ops are now requiring their homeowners to use water based poly. I think this is a bit of a shame, but I understand it due to all the neighbors. Thanks for the heads up on Epifanes…any particular source for buying it?

The were originally stained with a gel stain and varnished. I had a professional refinish them and the job only lasted one season. The painters explanation was that VOC rules in Arizona only allowed him to use crappy varnish. I want to stain it darker, so I’m going to have to strip the existing varnish off. As long as you use a finishing oil that actually cures , there won’t be any concern about something coming off onto clothing.

How Does The Urethane

Polyurethane should be applied to all wooden surfaces to provide protection from the elements. It can also improve the appearance by highlighting the natural colors and grain in wood, which can add value to your home or furnishings. This polyurethane minwax vs varathane spar urethane offers superior durability as it is also abrasion-resistant and will protect against scuffs. As it has a gloss finish, it will provide an elegant design and finish to your wood floor, which can help improve the value of your home.

This polyurethane can really improve the appearance of wood and make it seem like new again as it has a gloss finish. This finish can add great value to a range of wooden furnishings and surfaces, making this a great product to use for a variety of different projects. This is a clear gloss that offers durable protection to wood and will keep it high quality over time. Oil based polyurethane is comparatively more durable than water based especially when it comes to handling extreme heat. It brings about the richness of wood but adds a slight yellowish tint.

Great Product!

Upon analyzing the Minwax vs Varathane reviews, we have come across the most common wood finishes. If you’re worried about the fumes, a respirator mask would be a great idea. However, when possible, try to use this product in a ventilated area. You can add a fan facing out of the room or open a few windows too.

The teardrop was finished mid 2014 so too early to judge the longevity of the finish. It is garage stored and it will get a few fresh coats every year, easpeciallt the tongue box and front wall that suffer from road rash. I used waterbased cabbots on my interior walls and i used cabbots oil based floor finish on my hatch ribs abd detail work. I’ve been using the Minwax poly for years and really like it for interior and working surfaces such as the counter top. I plan on three coats with a light sanding from an orbital sander in between coats. If it’s a sunny day, I can get two coats done by applying in the shade and moving the part to the sun.

Find Out Which Finish Is Best For Your Project, Water

Even with “super-blonde” shellac there’s some yellow colour of course, but it’s applied very thinly so the effect should be minimal. Allow the mineral spirits to evaporate/flash off the surface. Simply choose date & time option that fit your schedule. Did you continue with testing to date, I am after a product that want yellow or bloom because of constant direct sunlight. Perfection has been reformulated since the test began and is now sold as Perfection Plus. We’ve rated the test products every six months and reported on the coatings durability in the May 2009 issue (six-month checkup), December 2009 issue , and January issues.

minwax vs varathane spar urethane

It offers protection of wood along with faster drying times. It adds beauty to interior wood pieces such as furniture, woodwork, doors and cabinets. It is ideal for use on light wood surfaces like ash, maple, birch because it has no tint. The urethane has yellowed some and faded in areas, particularly on the stall fronts at the ends of the barn that get direct sun. Have been reading about spar urethane and spar varnish and don’t know which way to go. It sounds like a good quality varnish might be a better way to go.

Why Is It Better To Spray Polyurethane?

Polycrylic and polyurethane are both protective top coats. A protective top coat prevents dirt, dust, water, oil, grease, etc. from penetrating into the wood. A top coat also protects against normal wear and tear like scratches.

Varnish vs. Polyurethane – How to Choose – BobVila.com

Varnish vs. Polyurethane – How to Choose.

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In addition, our kiddos have been known to “not see” and leave spills on counters, [floors, furniture, carpet, the dog, etc.] indefinitely. We are considering using marine spar for durability and ease of maintenance. What product would you recommend that require little to no maintenance and offer superior moisture protection? We certainly appreciate your expertise and recommendations.

It is similar to someone asking for the quickest route from New York to L.A. The answer is “it depends on wherether your personal transportation includes a Leer that you know how to fly,otherwise plug it into mapquest”. Top of the line finishing products require expensive equipment and years of experience to realize their potential. 90% of sucess in any refinishing project lies in preperation,be it painting a car,house,fence,the super dome or a thrift store chair.


These days, “varnish” no longer means an alkyd, but is a representative of all clear finishes, no matter what it’s made from. For what it’s worth, I have several rods I built 35 years ago that I used Minwax poly on and they look like I did them yesterday. I think either, if cared for will probably last a lifetime. Now if you store an uncovered rod in direct sunshine year in, year out, that would be different.

Instructions For Wood Preparation

This polyurethane is made for interior use and it can be applied to a variety of different wooden furnishings and surfaces around the home. It has a clear finish that will not affect the natural beauty of the wood and is a smooth, self-leveling formula so you can apply it and forget about it. This polyurethane is ideal for wood flooring as it offers unbeatable protection. This polyurethane can really improve the appearance of wood as it has a clear gloss finish that will not yellow over time. Thinning has no affect on the performance of the varnish except as to how it brushes.

Try it on any project where you want high wear resistance. Choose it for projects that will take the most daily abuse such as kitchen tables, chairs, and kids’ toys. But avoid it for projects where you need exceptional water and chemical resistance. Try it on all furnishings not subject to moisture contact or rough handling. Use CAB acrylic lacquer as a crystal-clear alternative to water-based finishes for a non-yellowing film.

minwax vs varathane spar urethane

Imparts a light color, is UV resistant, and will not form a film that will degrade. I then remove the outer surface with a 3000 psi pressure washer to remove the exterior surface, then respray the exterior with new transparent stain. Putting this all together, we basically come down to two categories, interior and exterior use.

They also have an elasticity component so they can expand and contract without cracking. The temperature and humidity levels can affect the drying times. This fast-drying polyurethane can be recoated after 3-4 hours. It needs another 24 hours before it’s ready for “light use”. Polyurethane is often used as a clear, protective coating for a variety of surfaces due to its high level of durability. Once you have finished using your spray can polyurethane, you must allow the finish to dry completely.

Like the previous choice, this one is well-suited for the rigors of outdoor use. Apart from its resistance to the sun, it also includes ingredients that help it to resist mold and mildew. Anyone who has ever had to remove mold from the side of their home will attest to the fact that it’s an unpleasant job. Like any good outdoor polyurethane, this one is meant to resist UV degradation.

I highly recommend doing a test board first though just to makes sure you like the way this method looks. The spar varnish I’ve been using recommends at least three coats 8hrs apart for outdoor use, I would recommend at least that many for a lasting finish. But keep in mind, no finish will withstand repeat exposure to moisture like that. The real solution is to protect the surface with some kind of barrier to the moisture, like a coaster on a coffee table. The polyurethane would definitely be the best choice for the floor. Oil/varnish blends are nice one furniture and medium to low-wear projects.

Spar urethane and Polyurethane are the two wood finish products that I have been using for a very long. You may have seen these terms used interchangeably, but Varathane is a brand name, whereas polyurethane refers to a kind of resin used to make wood finishing. This process is so critical because of what happens when you apply a finish—which is that the wood’s natural grain and beauty is enhanced.

Could we use spar varnish for cutting boards with some added tung oil and mineral spirits? Spar Urethane is considered to be much easier to apply than polyurethane. It is applied in the same manner like polyurethane; however, ittends to dry fasterand doesn’t require a lot of layers and application to achieve a shiny finish.

  • For many woodworkers, the contest to choose a finish ends in round one.
  • I’ve been using the Minwax poly for years and really like it for interior and working surfaces such as the counter top.
  • Now if you store an uncovered rod in direct sunshine year in, year out, that would be different.
  • Wood preparation is the process of preparing wooden surfaces for treatment.
  • Like any good outdoor polyurethane, this one is meant to resist UV degradation.
  • Because most clear coat discoloration is caused by oxidation, an antioxidant is a natural choice if you want to prevent yellowing and staining.
  • First of all, this is one of one gallon-size can that we will examine today, and these gallon-size cans represent a significantly better value than the quart-size cans.
  • All polyurethane coatings are water-resistant due to the nature of the material, but this one is obviously a little bit more so.
  • I’m guessing you might want a more industrial style finish, ideally.

Both are durable and good-looking, but there are differences. Once the stain color is set and cured (passed the color-fast test), apply 3 coats of the Minwax Water Based Polyurethane per label directions. Wipe down the stained surface using a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with 100% pure mineral spirits. If the stain is cured and inactive, the mineral spirits will not affect the color. You should not have any color pick-up onto the cloth.

The product is available in different finishes, satin, semi-gloss and gloss. Urethane has also been tested to be resistant to Ultra Violet light meaning it may help to protect the wood surface from the sun’s Ultra Violet rays. Thus, it prevents the original color and grain from fading and the wood retains its original appearance for a longer time.

Well, choosing between these two water-based spar urethrane can be tough. Check out this post at the WoodWeb’s professional finishing forum. The trouble is, it only had some kind of floor varnish and wax that had all worn off.

I don’t think there is any solid evidence any brand of spar poly vs “true” spar as it relates to UV protection. The modern finishes are more VOC friendly than the ones of even 10 yrs ago and the formulations are ever changing. Even the true spars are much different than their predecessors. Polycrylic goes on milky white but dries crystal clear. Applying too much can give dark-colored projects a milky look.

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